Golden Colorado Stormwater Management

As a result of years of large storm events and continuous sedimentation, the existing drainage channel in Golden, Colorado lost its aesthetic appeal and was no longer functioning to move water and reduce potential flooding. Through collaboration with Envirolok West, the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District of Colorado was able to develop a solution that would handle the storm events, limit sedimentation and create a new focal feature for the residential neighborhood

Construction began on the project in spring of 2016. The Envirolok units were used to sculpt the waterway and provide a permanent vegetative solution for the channel. … Continue reading

EnvirolokWest Featured In Land And Water Magazine

EnvirolokWest was recently featured in Land and Water magazine. The article highlights the Sandy River streambank restoration project near Mt. Hood, Oregon.

In January 2011, FEMA issued an ominous warning titled, “Oregon Severe Winter Storm, Flooding, Mudslides, Landslides, and Debris Flows”! In a matter of days, intense rain and snow melt led to extreme flooding causing severe shoreline erosion along the Sandy River, taking out a major section of Lolo Pass Road and damaging over 2 dozen residential homes. Continue reading